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++FREE DOWNLOAD||NICKY BLACKMARKET++ Recorded live @ Blackhouse May 2016

Nicky Blackmarket needs no introduction…..

Regarded as one of the pivotal figures in the early Jungle/Drum ‘n’ Bass scene and definitely one of the most genuine and hard working. Nicky started DJ’ing back in the early 80’s and hasn’t slowed down since (although often favouring “The brew/rosie lee over the whiskey) Ledge! 😉 Most famous for DJ’ing and producing Drum and Bass he is also well known for being part-owner of independent dance music record store Blackmarket Records store in Soho, Central London (now known as BM-Soho).

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This was recorded live at:

BLACK HOUSE STAGE @ Aber SU Summer “Space” Ball
Friday 6th May 2016

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